Let Your Friends Swipe For You

don't be your own dating hypeman

Invite your friends to leave their Vouch for you on your profile. Bonus: They don't have to be single to Vouch for you!

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invite your friends and family to vouch for you

Dating doesn’t have to suck. Invite your best friend, neighbor, hey, even your mom to Vouch for you. The best part? See what Vouchers say about your potential matches, BEFORE you swipe right. Swipe through real daters today!


get social

Dating can be isolating, on and offline. Include your social circle in the decision making process, they are already cheering you on!

safer swiping

Vouchers help verify that your potential match is who they say they are, that their photos are legit, and that they'll make for a great first (and second) date.

no nonsense

Friends don't let friends be jerks online. We don't tolerate nonsense on dating apps, neither should you.




core features

Vouch is more than just another dating app.
Share the experience of finding a match with your friends and family


invite friends

gone are the days of dating alone

see what VOUCHERS say

get to know a potential match before swiping right

ask friends their opinion

because we know what our friends think matters

friends swipe too

let your friends help you find the perfect match

play matchmaker

help your single friend find their perfect match

free to use

finding your match or playing matchmaker
won't cost you a dime


Download Vouch. Get back to serious swiping.




Where can I download Vouch?

Vouch is available in the App Store on your iOS device! Stay tuned updates on our Android product.

How does Vouch work?

After a single person joins Vouch, they invite their trusted friends and family to Vouch for them. Once friends have connected on Vouch, they can support each other through leaving Vouches on each other's profiles and chatting about matches and date ideas. Singles can add a bio and photos and swipe through profiles of other singles in their area.

What if I'm in a relationship?

No problem. Vouch for great single friends. You will NEVER appear as a potential dater. Simply select "here to Vouch" when you create a profile.

I found love, now what? Goodbye Vouch?

Plot twist. You don't have to delete Vouch! Toggle dating off in your settings and continue to Vouch for you most Vouchable friends.

Is Facebook the only way to sign up?

Yes, Vouch currently requires Facebook to authenticate your identity and pull important information like your name, age, and Facebook friends to help create your profile. Stay tuned for updates on new ways to sign up! We pull your name directly from Facebook; however, you can set your age and gender when setting up your dating profile. Remember, honesty is the best policy.

But seriously, another dating app? Why Vouch?

We hear you. There's no shortage of other dating apps. We wanted to Vouch to address some of the challenges you might experience elsewhere. Dating online can be tough. Vouch encourages daters to be open with friends, ask for support, and the best part? Vouchers help give you clues about potential matches BEFORE you meet up.


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