How to Use the Vouch App to Turn your Friends into Matchmakers

Vouch: Social Matchmaking & Dating App

Vouch dating app brings a unique experience to dating by involving your trusted friends and family to swipe with you. Dating apps are wildly popular but the chances of finding love on an app are still slim. Singles are wasting time endlessly swiping and going on meaningless dates. Vouch eliminates these by allowing your friends to write their own bios about you (Vouches) and help you find the best matches by swiping for who they (your Vouchers) think would be a good fit for you! Additionally, you and your Vouchers can chat on the app about date ideas and approve potential matches.

Bonus: Get to know your potential matches better by reading messages left by their Vouchers who keep them accountable. Friends don’t let friends be jerks online.

Get started by downloading the free app, log in using your Facebook account (don’t worry, more ways to verify an account are in the works!), set your age, gender, and distance preferences. Now for the most important step-- invite your friends and family to the app so they can Vouch for you!

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Who can use Vouch?

Well, the short answer is - EVERYONE. Single, taken, engaged, married, etc.  Let us break it down for you: on Vouch, you can be a DATER, a VOUCHER, or BOTH! The app is currently available across the United States. Don’t live in the same city as your BFF? No problem! Vouchers can vouch for you in any city while matching you with great potentials where you live.

How to Date

Are your friends constantly trying to set you up on dates? Vouch is here to help. As a dater, you can invite your trusted friends and family to be your vouchers. We’re not talking about arranged dates, think more approved, preselected matches instead. Vouch helps you swipe less by letting your Vouchers send approved matches your way. Through our messaging feature, you can share profiles of people you’re interested in, talk about your matches, and plan that perfect first date. If your whole friend group is single, don’t fret, daters can be vouchers, too! Pro Tip: Having 4-5 Vouchers helps unlock more details about who you are.

How to Vouch

Are you in a relationship and want the same for your friends? Then you are a Voucher! As a Voucher, you can invite all your single friends to the Vouch app. Leave a Vouch for them by endorsing their qualities, swipe through and approve (or disprove) potential matches, and use the messaging feature to chat about your picks. Helpful hint: Being a Voucher doesn’t mean you’re on the app to date (phew!) for yourself. You won’t ever appear as a potential match to other daters.

Get Started

Download Vouch from the Apple App Store today. Our Android app is on its way! Follow us on social media such as Instagram for all the latest updates.

Learn more about Vouch on our FAQ page or contact our team if you have any questions.